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Clean open door

Clean open door

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A side hung door is a door that is hinged (hinged) on the side of the door, inward (left open, right open) or outward (left open, right open). By the door sets, hinges, doors, locks and other components. Flat open the door of the anti-corrosion disposal and Cypriot, glue disposal should fit the planning needs. Flat open the door in the plug before the surface should be coated with cement mortar surface coating preservative for anti-corrosion treatment. Pingkai Men Advantages: in the open and close the noise is small, you can not occupy the walls on both sides of the door, the use of long cycle, and insulation, dust performance are better, suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low decoration doors. Pingjiao door required profiles of supporting varieties: outside the door for the open outside the door, the door for the flat door to open the door


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