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Advantages of Medical Airtight Doors

Jul. 17, 2020

The airtight door is a special door for hospitals. People can say that it has very high requirements. Because the operating room is not allowed to be disturbed by the outside world, the barrier of the airtight door in the operating room is particularly important. Next, the airtight door suppliers will introduce the advantages of airtight doors in the operating room.

The surgical airtight door is to prevent direct convection between the blocked space and the outside air, and form a certain negative pressure in the blocked space, that is to say, the pressure in the blocked space is smaller than the pressure of the outside. Therefore, the outside uses the pressure of air Above the door, tightly fasten the door tightly to ensure good sealing and impermeability of the partition space, thereby minimizing the infection of the partition space to the outside world.

Heat insulation

Ensure that the channel is not affected by hot steam waves. The hospital ward door is a multi-bacterial natural environment. Choosing environmentally friendly decoration materials can show the hospital staff and patients a natural environment for physical and mental health. The traditional hospital door has a relatively high formaldehyde concentration. Yizhong medical door uses medical stainless steel resin as raw material , Low-carbon environmental protection, 0 indoor formaldehyde, deal with the environmental pollution problems caused by formaldehyde after hospital interior decoration.

Airtight Door

Airtight Door

Air tightness

The body of the airtight door of the operating room is equipped with professional vacuum airtight rubber strips, and uses a unique (interpretation: unique, special) compression technology to ensure that when the door is closed, it can closely cooperate with the door frame to achieve a reliable airtight effect .


The door body of the airtight door is well-filled and has high flatness. The natural environment of the hospital is unique. The special door of the hospital must be waterproof and dustproof. Conventional panels used in traditional hospital doors cannot meet the above requirements. Yizhong medical doors use international environmentally friendly, medical resin door panels in panel selection, which can achieve the above functions for hospitals. In addition, the resin has waterproof properties and can invade into the water for a long time. Corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

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