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Benefits of High-Performance Cleanroom Doors

Nov. 17, 2021

Cleanroom Door


A high-performance cleanroom door is the first step in ensuring a secure and clean setting, and also picking the appropriate door for this highly specialized setting is utmost essential.


  • Controlled temperature levels

The environment could be contaminated and also compromise production requirements when the cleaning team of specialists shudder or sweat, as they launch even more particles right into the air. Also, small variations in cleanroom temperature levels can create concerns for people and items. In order to maintain employees comfy and keep product integrity, a high-performance door helps control the temperature that needs to be maintained in a cleanroom at 69.8 °F( 21 °C).

  • Appropriate moisture degrees

Fluctuating moisture degrees can make workers unpleasant in a clean area, which can lead to pricey errors or production hold-ups. High humidity levels can cause lots of troubles in a cleanroom also, such as:

Germs development

Product deterioration or damages


Static electrical energy (which can interfere with the movement of fragments inside the cleanroom).


A high-performance door can aid you in quickly maintaining the humidity levels in your cleanroom that basic cleanroom standards state.


  • Quick open and also close prices

To lessen air incursion and also pollutant access, the cleanroom doors must be high-speed doors to open up and also shut as quickly as possible.


  • Quality seals

To maintain the pollutants out, try to find a high-performance door that includes a full-size seal. Great securing efficiency can keep the cleanliness degree, guaranteeing premium production.


  • Regulatory conformity

Our high-performance cleanroom doors meet the Existing Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) guidelines, USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO requirements.


  • Pressure differential control

To avoid cross-contamination in between atmospheres and also block pollutants from getting in production areas from surrounding locations, a high-performance door will aid keep the right pressurization within a cleanroom.


  • Hands-Free Activation Alternatives

Automatic activation devices for clean roll doors offer a hands-free approach to opening and also closing cleanroom doors for a variety of atmospheres such as wave-to-open sensors as well as motion/presence detectors.


  • Cleanability

To enable full wash-down to practically get rid of prospective websites for bacteria manifestation, high-performance doors can be found in a range of products made for easy cleaning.


We are a cleanroom door supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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