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Do you install the surgical clean door correctly?

Aug. 02, 2021

Surgical clean doors are very important to hospitals. Improper installation methods will not only completely offset the effectiveness of the door, but also reduce the service life of the door. You need to pay attention to these points during the installation process.

Installation of clean door beam

The upper beam device of the clean door of the operating room requires special attention during the installation process and is an important link in the entire installation process. Because the chassis is equipped with mechanical equipment and electric control equipment is fixed on it, the connection between beam and beam, beam and hole side is required to have a certain strength, rigidity, and stability.

If the design in the preliminary construction drawings is not in place, the design personnel must be contacted for implementation during the construction of the main structure.

The embedded parts connected at both ends of the beam shall be anchored in the reinforced concrete component.

If the clean door of the operating room is installed on a load-bearing wall or other attachments, make sure that the aluminum alloy track is level, straight, and strong after the installation. Pay attention to maintaining the level when installing, and keep the error less than one millimeter.

If the beam is not level, it will cause uneven force when the door is walking, which will reduce the life of the machine.

Notch and track installation

For operating room clean doors equipped with guided trajectories, wooden beams should be accurately embedded in the direction of the lower trajectory of the active door, and the length of the wooden beams should be greater than twice the width of the opening door. The method of post picking is not suitable to ensure the quality of the notch and the junction of the lower rail and the floor. If the track of the clean door of the operating room is installed on a welded iron frame, the overall frame material of the active door should be a square iron pipe that is a few millimeters thicker than the wall, or other materials with appropriate (or better) strength.
Installation of door-frame

When installing the clean door frame of the operating room, please ensure that the entire frame is level, straight, strong, tight, and stable. The trackside of the device should be smooth and free of burrs.

Other things worth mentioning

In addition, because of the high technology content of the clean door of the operating room. The reliability of mechanical equipment, automated equipment, or intelligent equipment is very different, and the price is also very different. Therefore, products from major brands should be used as much as possible to ensure durability, safety, and fewer failures

We must pay great attention to the quality and installation of the operating room door, so that the operating room door can perform its due function. It can isolate the environment on both sides of the door, such as noise, air flow and radiation, and also ensure good air tightness.

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