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Do you know what the forming process of ABS tuyere profile is?

Mar. 16, 2020

Common air vent materials in the market are aluminum alloy, ABS and wood.

Why is the ABS tuyere profile popular with the public and has a good effect? Let's analyze it with everyone.

ABS can also be said to be a modification of polystyrene, which has higher impact strength and better mechanical strength than HIPS, and has good processing properties. It can be used for injection molding and extrusion using plastic molding equipment such as injection molding machines and extruders. Plastic, blow molding, calendering, lamination, foaming, thermoforming, welding, coating, plating and machining. ABS has relatively high water absorption. Drying is required before processing. The drying temperature is 70 ~ 85 and the drying time is 2 ~ 6h. ABS products are prone to internal stress during processing. If the stress is too large, which causes the product to crack, it should be carried out. For annealing, place the product in a hot air circulation drying oven at 70 ~ 80 for 2 ~ 4h, and then cool to room temperature.

ABS injection molding process. ABS is the most commonly used engineering plastic. It is widely used in the manufacture of gears, bearings, handles, pump impellers, televisions, computers, typewriter housings, keyboards, electrical appliances, battery storage tanks, refrigerator parts, etc., machinery industry parts, and various daily necessities. , Consumer goods packaging and other products.

The popularity of ABS materials, not only the widespread application of ABS sheet, but also the wider and wider use of ABS tuyere profiles. This is because more and more people pay attention to the advantages of ABS tuyere profiles. So what are the advantages of ABS tuyere profiles?

The main advantages of ABS tuyere profiles are that they will not deform or dew under high temperature conditions. This is mainly due to the addition of antioxidants and light stable reagents to the raw materials during the production of ABS tuyere profiles, which effectively reduces the Because it absorbs ultraviolet rays, it has a yellow appearance. And ABS's electrical insulators are second to none, and are almost unaffected by temperature, humidity and frequency, making ABS tuyere profiles usable in most environments.

Because the thermal deformation temperature of ABS is mainly about 95 degrees, the ABS tuyere profile products can be increased by about 10 ° after annealing. In addition to the excellent performance in high temperature, the ABS tuyere profile can still show a certain toughness even at -40 ° C.

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