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Installation And Maintenance Of Medical Airtight Doors

Dec. 28, 2020

Installation And Maintenance Of Medical Airtight Doors

Medical Airtight Doors Suppliers will share this article about medical airtight door with you.

Installation of medical airtight doors

a. Radiological medical airtight doors need to be installed for inspection, and whether the inspection of radiological medical airtight doors and the power switch are flexible and smooth;

b. Put the handle into the door leaf (remove the door leaf when necessary), make the inner surface of the edge strip meet the wall and be vertical, and correct the surface plan of the wall when necessary;

c. Carry out the vertical and accurate positioning of the hinge side frame, and make sure that the points and surfaces are on the same plan;

d. The hinge side frame develops the retainer. After the test piece is torn off, the length of the elongation is increased by the percentage of the original gauge length. Position body

e. Adjust the wide vertical part of the lock position, the lead door makes the gap between the door leaf and the door frame uniform;

f. Open the airtight door for radiation medical treatment and check the power switch for convenience;

g. After the cement mortar or foam glue is dried, the lead door can remove the gap sheet and the cushion block.

X-ray protection medical protection lead door principle and structure description sliding window safety door flat-opening safety door is set on one side of the door frame with upper and lower fixed door hinges, and the door frame and the door frame are connected together according to the door hinge. The door frame is rotated around the hinge axis to complete the opening and closing of the sliding door. The key to the sliding window safety door is composed of the door frame, door frame, door hinge, latch, clamping organization, buffer stopper, etc., if a driving force driver is required, an electric type can be installed or hydraulic control valve swing rod or other actuators organize the impact on the wall during the whole process of opening the safety door.

medical airtight doors

Airtight door manufacturers generally apply sprayed stainless steel plates or color-coated steel plates with sealing strips to take into account the regulations of hospitals and other areas. During the application of the medical airtight door, in order to better maintain the operation of the airtight door without changing and improve the service life, you must carry out some usual cleaning work on the components of the medical airtight door.

Cleaning and maintenance of medical airtight doors

a. Door pages, near airtight doors and sensors. The cleaning method is different in different areas. Cleaning the door page: The airtight door of the hospital outpatient department is made of color-coated steel plate or stainless steel plate. Because the raw materials of medical airtight doors are glossy, if there is dirt, it will look very dirty. Therefore, when cleaning the door pages, you should mainly clean up the dirty part. For general dirt, it can be cleaned with a thin cloth dipped in neutral detergent. For difficult-to-remove dirt, you can use alcohol or car gasoline to clean;

b. Peripheral cleaning: one side of the airtight door faces the outside world from beginning to end, so when the airtight door is opened, external dust, residues and other chemical substances are very easy to fall into the safe driving track, so when cleaning, you must carefully clean the air secret door rail. Especially the debris in the concave groove at the bottom of the guide rail;

c. Sensor cleaning: Most of the airtight door sensors in hospitals are very easy to stick to the dust, which will reduce the sensitivity of the sensor and cause the sensor to block. Therefore, when cleaning, you should use a soft and tidy cloth to scrub, and be careful not to move the transmission when scrubbing. Avoid changing the sensor inspection orientation after cleaning.

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