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Main features of medical sealed door

Oct. 23, 2020

The materials (lead plate parameters) and constituent materials (from door frame, door leaf, sealing strip) of medical sealed doors, hospital door manufacturers introduce the main features of medical sealed doors.

Medical Airtight Doors are mainly used in high clean places such as hospitals, operating rooms, factories, and laboratories. The hospital is a public building. Whether it is an automatic door or a spring door, it is required to have the function of fire prevention and evacuation. In the construction of a modern hospital, considering factors such as energy saving, environmental protection and energy saving, there are many doors or automatic doors that can be effectively isolated External vehicle exhaust and haze will pollute the air of hospital buildings, reducing the loss of cold and warm air.

Main features of medical closed doors:

High safety, high sealing, can effectively isolate indoor and outdoor air circulation and indoor and outdoor noise interference, suitable for hospitals, scientific research institutes, recording studios, clean workshops and other places where indoor air is clean and quiet.

1. Adapt to high frequent opening/closing

One of the characteristics of medical sealed doors is that they are frequently opened and closed. For regular checkups, injections and dressing changes, doctor visits, home visits by medical staff, the inner door of the hospital will be opened and closed hundreds of times a day, and the motor must support long-term frequent use without fever. Can withstand tens of thousands of opening and closing times a day.

2. The door frame and door leaf linking parts are strong and durable

If the door leaf and door frame are not strong enough, the use of hermetic doors will definitely cause problems. Two high-carbon square steel pipes are designed on the door leaf to prevent the door leaf from deforming due to frequent use of the door leaf.

Hermetic Doors

Hermetic Doors 

3. Impact resistance and scratch resistance

The inner door of the hospital will inevitably be hit by a hard object such as a wheelchair, and sometimes the collision is very strong. In addition, the hospital is a public place, and it will inevitably be used violently, such as kicking the door or falling down. If the airtight door is not strong enough, these severe usage conditions will inevitably lead to the unusable inner door.

4. Corrosion resistance

The hospital uses disinfectant every day to disinfect, which will corrode the door and easily peel and fade. Use a new type of fireproof and antibacterial board. This material is not only resistant to acids and alkalis, which makes it more and more common in hospitals, laboratories and other places.

5. Moisture-proof and waterproof

Moisture-proof and waterproof, everyone can do it now. The times have progressed and the surrounding materials have also been improved. Now almost all door materials are moisture-proof.

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