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How to Maintain the Induction Airtight Door in the Operating Room?

Jun. 26, 2020

The operating room of the hospital is a very important place. In order to ensure that it is not disturbed during the operation, many hospitals will install the operating room induction door in the operating room to ensure a good environment for the operation. However, in order to ensure this, the hospital must take good care of the medical airtight door during daily use. Let's take a look at how to maintain it.

1. When using a hermetic door, be careful not to let heavy objects and sharp objects collide and scratch the induction door, to avoid the deformation of the induction door and the gap between the door leaves, and the damage of the surface protection layer. And cause its performance to decline.

2. If you want to maintain the induction door of the operating room, you should clean the induction door, not only to clean the door leaf, but also to pay attention to the residual water on the surface after cleaning, to avoid the residual body caused by the door body and its parts Corrosion of parts. In addition, the sensor door of the hospital operating room should be kept clean, and the accumulated dust and debris should be cleaned in time to avoid influencing the sensor device of the sensor door and causing insensitivity.

3. A lot of dust will accumulate in the case of the induction door of the operating room during use. In order to avoid the poor operation of the induction door during the opening and closing movement, the case must be cleaned regularly, and the power must be turned off. To ensure the safety of maintenance work.

4. The coordination between the various components of the induction door of the operating room during operation is very important. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection of the guide rail and the ground wheel should be performed during maintenance, and they should be cleaned and lubricated to avoid the hidden danger of malfunction of the induction door.

Hermetic Door

Hermetic Door

Airtight doors suppliers believe that the operating room induction door is very important to the operating room, which can not only prevent excessive outside air from flowing into the sterilized operating room, but also provide hospital staff It provides convenient access and avoids the impact on the operation. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the induction door of the operating room during use to ensure that the induction door can have the best operating quality.

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