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Modification of PCR laboratory by JSV Jiangling

Apr. 10, 2021

Modification of PCR laboratory by JSV Jiangling

Although the epidemic in China has entered the stage of normal prevention and control, it still cannot be taken lightly.

The State Joint Prevention and control mechanism issued the "Work Programme to further promote the development of new coronavirus nucleic acid detection capacity" , which clearly points out the need to build mobile nucleic acid detection capacity, many PCR manufacturers rush to enter the mobile nucleic acid detection program of innovation and creation of the upsurge, JSV Jiangling modified PCR detection mobile laboratory and came into the market.


The mobile PCR testing vehicle is mainly to solve the shortage of nucleic acid detection ability in remote areas, such as border, rural and mountainous areas, and to improve the national key sentinel areas, and to prepare for the establishment of the first-time Early Warning System.

This time, Jiangling automobile group launched the JSV Jiangling modified PCR detection mobile laboratory is the choice of easy clean door. Yizhong has 26 years of experience in the production of clean doors and windows, professional R & D, Production Laboratories, hospitals and other clean areas for the use of high air-tight clean doors.



In order to ensure the airtightness of the clean door, Yizhong to choose the strict sealing strip material. Yizhong to clean the door is the choice of high-quality silicone, than the general rubber longer service life, good resilience, wear resistance, weather resistance, durable deformation.

Yizhong to clean the door hinge is also improved and upgraded, and has a new utility model patent (patent number: 2018211821566) . Hinge using ARC design, firm and stable at the same time, effectively reduce the door opening and closing time gap, effectively protect the air-tightness of space.


Good air tightness cannot be separated from careful design and high-quality material selection, which can make easy clean door in a group of peers stand out in an important reason. Yi Zhong Professional R & D team has an average of more than 10 years of experience in the design of clean windows and doors, products have been improved many times, from the fixed structure of the panel to the ARC design of the corner of the door, every detail reveals ingenuity.


Yizhong product selection is more rigorous. If the soul of a person is thought, then the soul of a product is quality. Yizhong has been strictly selecting all kinds of raw materials, only to bring the best quality to everyone.


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