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Steel ward door will become a hospital door boom

Dec. 31, 2019

At present, most of the hospital wards use a ward steel door, which is a door that can be used directly for assembly. The material is steel. The door leaf is directly buckled or welded from steel plates. It is an integral door. The door frames are mostly custom steel frames. The surface is painted or unpainted. The design is simpler and looks more beautiful. The following editors explain why steel ward doors are so popular?

1. Wide use environment

The steel door of the ward has high strength, is not easily deformed under general external force, has strong and durable characteristics, and is not afraid of water erosion. The ward is usually crowded, and the probability of collision and scratches on the ward door is high. Therefore, the steel ward door is particularly suitable for ward Use in public environment, also suitable for use in wet environment such as bathroom.

2. Durable

The interior of the steel ward door is made of some steel frames. The internal honeycomb filling is lighter than other general solid wood doors. It is not easy to corrode and is more durable. It is very convenient to carry and install, and it greatly reduces the drop of the door leaf during use. Limitation, it is not easy to have the consequence that the drop cannot be closed due to long-term use.

3. Beautiful style

The steel door of the ward has various styles and rich colors. You can also produce different styles and different colors of ward doors according to the characteristics of the hospital, so that the entire space is rendered more beautiful and elegant, and different colors bring better patients. mood.

4. Quick installation

For dealers, the steel door of the ward also has the advantage that it is easy to install, and 2 workers can install it quickly and easily. The operation is convenient, simple and quick, and it can be installed easily.

5. Affordable prices

A particularly important point is that the steel door of the ward is economical and affordable, and it is acceptable to most public place construction units. This is also one of the reasons why the steel door is relatively popular. According to some industries, in the next 3-5 years, Sales of steel doors in wards will continue to soar.

6. Green environmental protection

The steel door of the ward is a non-toxic material, which can be installed and used to achieve green health and environmental protection, so this is also one of the aspects that the relevant departments highly recommend this door body.

The steel door of the ward has its own advantages and disadvantages due to its material and manufacturing process. As long as we avoid installing in a complex outdoor environment during the selection process, we should pay attention to proper protective measures during use. Its advantages are compared with wooden doors, Resin doors are more prominent, so these six characteristics are also important reasons for the ward of steel doors in hospitals.

Steel ward door will become a hospital door boom

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