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How To Choose The Right Clean Room Door For GMP Pharmaceutical?

Jun. 07, 2021

How To Choose The Right Clean Room Door For GMP Pharmaceutical?

Clean room doors are different from ordinary home doors. It is beyond the reach of ordinary household doors in terms of performance, accessories, and manufacturing technology. Due to its superb and complicated clean room environment, many customers have a headache when buying clean room doors.

Purchasing clean room doors is a technical task that tests the knowledge and experience of buyers. Buyers need to compare data from multiple aspects when measuring its value. Of course, this alone is not enough to choose a high-quality clean room door.

Tooling door

Tooling door

Previously, wood, laminate, steel, and fiberglass were used in the pharmaceutical industry. Although some pharmaceutical factories still use ordinary family doors, GMP pharmaceutical regulations prohibit the use of wooden doors in many areas, and few people see family doors in modern clean rooms.

Today, clean room doors have become the main choice for the pharmaceutical industry. In all aspects, the performance of clean room doors is much better than other home doors.

In fact, household doors do not perform well in terms of anti-VHP and drug disinfection. Many large pharmaceutical companies have begun to replace existing household doors with clean room doors before the end of their life cycle.

Clean room doors comply with GMP requirements. Due to their smooth and seamless structure, they are easy to clean the room and do not carry bacteria. Clean room doors that have been exposed to disinfectants, chlorine release agents, and VHP that have not been lifted, rusted or rotted for a long time.

One of the biggest challenges in designing clean room doors for pharmaceutical clean rooms is to create strong, lightweight, and easy-to-clean high-performance doors. These factors must be considered when designing clean room doors for all areas, but in a clean room, one of the most important considerations is the weight of the door. The core material is the most important factor that determines the overall performance of the clean door.

The biggest complaint we hear about clean room doors from pharmaceutical customers is its ease of use. Secondly, in the pharmaceutical clean room, the most critical point is the sealing performance, and the clean room door is no exception. Good sealing performance can maintain cleanliness, produce high-quality medicines, and create more value and profits.

Tested by the National Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the positive and negative air pressure levels have reached level 6, which is more suitable for some clean and tightly sealed environments.

Taking into account the life cycle cost, the clean room door is very easy to be damaged during construction and opening and closing, and it needs regular maintenance to ensure that it does not affect the performance of the clean room. Similarly, if the clean room door is damaged by impact, it is easy to sag. Any repairs/replacements must be done during the closure of very expensive facilities, and time is precious.

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