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What is a medical airtight door?

Mar. 10, 2020

Medical doors, as the name suggests, are a type of door used in hospital wards, and medical airtight doors are mostly used in operating rooms, experiment rooms, ICU wards and other places where cleanliness is required.

Medical airtight door is composed of six parts: door body, see-through window, anti-collision tape, sealing tape, door opening method and slide rail. Ordinary medical doors do not have radiation protection panels inside. This must be communicated to the manufacturer when custom-made.

Door body

The door body of a medical door is composed of polyurethane in the middle of a color steel plate. The thickness of the entire door panel is about 5cm, and the color steel plate on one side is about 0.374mm. It can be made single or double open according to actual needs, and the color is also determined according to customer needs. The surface can be spray painted. The finely sprayed door panels are very beautiful.

2. Perspective window

The see-through window on the medical gas-tight door is also called the observation window, which is made of double-layer hollow tempered glass. The size of the perspective window can be determined according to the size of the door.

3. Anti-collision belt

There is a wide anti-collision belt in the middle of the whole door body. The material is generally stainless steel (stainless acid-resistant steel). Its main functions are: one is beautiful, the other is anti-collision.

4, sealing tape

The sealing rubber strip is used for sealing around the door body, and it is close to the wall to prevent air leakage.

5, door opening method

There are many ways to open the medical door. Most of the market uses foot sensors, foot switches, hand-operated switches, hand sensors. Currently, most of the hospitals use foot sensors, which are about 20cm away from the ground next to the door. Position (position) will have a foot sense.

6, slide rail

The slide rail on the medical door is a track used by the medical door for movement and a fixed door body. Generally, when the automatic door is opened, the motor suddenly accelerates. The door not only swings more severely, but also has a lot of noise. CN uses a soft-start technology. The motor starts slowly, and the frequency conversion accelerates under the premise of ensuring the stability of the door. Automatic detection: When the door hits a person or object, it will rebound quickly, and then slowly detect whether the person or object has left. There is also the role of hiding the motor.


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