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Yizhong Clean Door-Your best choice

Sep. 02, 2021

For 26 years, we have been thinking about what a better clean door should look like. We expect that our products will last for at least 15 years in all conditions, and to that end, we have made the following efforts.


Stronger door construction

Adopting the patented package pressure structure (Patent No. 2015210332817) between the door frame and the door sash, which makes the door sash and the door frame into one plane and does not produce high and low steps.

The use of 6063-T6 primary aluminum profiles, high purity, sufficient hardness, strong anti-collision force.

Wraparound structure effectively prevents the door corners from rusting phenomenon, longer service life.


More anti-collision, more airtight window structure

Unlike some counterparts who directly cut holes in the door and fix the window with glue, we adopt a composite card-insert structure, which forms an integral part of the door and window structure, with strong impact resistance; 3M glue is used between the window and the door, with further sealing level and service life; molecular sieve is added between the double-layer glass, which can effectively dehydrate and purify the air pollutants for a long time.


Swing cleaning door

Swing cleaning door

More durable sealing strip

Sealing strip material: silicone strip. It has good resilience and stronger sealing; usually has a service life of 15 years +

In combination with the door, we also use the snap-on design (Patent No. 201521027301X) which is stronger than ordinary glue bonding and not easy to fall off.

Using the unique double spring piece design, smooth sinking, average strength, silent and better air tightness.


More durable hinge and core material

Hinge: patented design Core material filling: aluminum honeycomb

(Patent No. 2018211821566) The shaft has increased nylon Higher strength and better anti-collision performance.

Shaft sleeve, improving the traditional just hinge open and close a long time will Fire rating of B1.

Produce metal powder, and produce the shortcomings of friction sound. Not easy to hair need deformation, moisture and insect resistance and corrosion resistance.


Yizhong will provide you with the best clean door, contact us now do not hesitate!

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