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What is Characteristic of Purification Fan Coil Cabinet?

What is Characteristic of Purification Fan Coil Cabinet?


There are generally four stages: the initial effect filtering, the new return air mixing section, the fan section and the small and medium outlet section, the part based on a fan, air filter, air volume control damper and a box body, the plate is made by composite sandwich plate, galvanized steel. the combination points of all parts are laid the self-adhesive seal rubber, with the frame of aluminum profile, novel structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, corrosion resistance, good sealing and insulation property.

Combined purified air cabinet is made on the basis of National standard, we summarized the similar products experience all over the world, . The product has action on the air processing for heating, cooling, drying, humidification, filtration, purification and noise eliminationand so on,

cooling medium for frozen water ( chilled water type ) or refrigerant (evaporation type ), heat medium is water or steam, combination unit based on function.

to meet the needs of the industry, air purification and regulation system, we usearbitrary combination, functional diversity,

Therefore widely uses in constant temperature air purification conditioning projects such as theater, electronic instrument, light spinning, medicine, precision machinery and so on, also is suitable for central air conditioning projects like each big hotel, office building, hospital, department store, high-level recreation places and so on.