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50#Swing Door in HPL Panel (Door Leaf Thickness 50mm)

Product Description



This series of doors are designed to meet GMP design and safety requirements. No dust, easy to clean. Door leaf installed the high-quality sealing gasket, with good air tightness, easy to clean and air tightness at the same time has a strong impact, paint resistance, anti-fouling advantages. Apply to the pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop, electronics factory and the area which required clean, airtight.


Technical reference

Normal width of door hole(mm)Single doorUnequal double doorDouble door
800, 9501200, 13501500, 1800
Normal height of door hole(mm)2100
Opening angle0° ~170°

Type option

Kind of choiceSandwich panelHandicraft panelWall door
Wall thickness (mm)50, 10050, 100
The type of panelHPL, Aluminum panel
The type of lockHandle lock, Globular lock, Split lock, Push type panic bar, Touch the bead lock, SUS handle
Controlling typeExposed door closers, Hidden door closers, Interlocking, Electric swing door machine


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