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Medical Bed Head Unit SB007

The Medical Bed Head Unit ensures that medical gas is provided to patients and that they can use communication tools with the hospital.

Product Description

Hospital Bed Head Panel 

Hospital Bed Head Panel is made especially to satisfy the demands of hospital wards. Compared to the straight bed head panel, enhanced the slide rail, hassle-free installment of brace as well as infusion racks, and so on. This hospital bed head panel integrates a selection of functions to assist in medical facility usage.

The hospital bed head panel offers separate compartments for medical gases and electrical services. It is placed to the wall surface by a growth screw on the back.

The gas compartment is aerated to avoid an accumulation of gas inside the device. A selection of placing accessories enable you to personalize the ward workflow to fit your requirements.


1. Hospital Bed Head Panel  made of high quality aluminum alloy material, surface finish is customized ( powder coating, electrophoresis, anodized )

2. Beautiful appearance, Wear-resistant, easy to clean.

3. Gas and strong and weak circuits are separated by dual channels, safe and reliable

4. It can select the power outlet, flash light, call, intercom, gas terminal, etc. It can make the installation holes according to customers’ requirement.

5. The color of panel and side panel is customized.


        Feature                Feature        

Hospital Bed Head Panel

Hospital Bed Head Panel can be with various kinds of clinical gas outlets, consisting of O2, Air, Vac, N2O, N2, CARBON DIOXIDE ones.They can be designed for installments in Unique Procedures, LDR Blog Post Partum, PACU, Transitional Step Down, Individual Rooms, Emergency Situation Division, ICU, NICU, RadiologyConstructed from extrude light weight aluminum profile alloy 6063, powder coated in white, Anti-bacterial finishing over the panel;

Option compiling the feature of illumination, power, calling system, as well as medical gas consumption factors.

Hospital Bed Head PanelHospital Bed Head Panel

Hospital Bed Head Panel

Hospital Bed Head Panel

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