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Medical Bed Head Unit SB013

This Medical Bed Head Unit is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, surface finish is customized. Beautiful appearance, Wear-resistant, easy to clean.

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What is a Medical Bed Head Unit?

The hospital bed head unit is specially designed to meet the needs of hospital wards. It is an indispensable air outlet control device for medical gas pipeline systems. The medical bedside unit is installed on the wall of the bed. The bedside unit can be equipped with a nurse's phone, an intercom panel, or reserve mounting holes according to the needs of the hospital. The color of the bedside unit with panel and side panel should be customized according to the choice of the hospital and the color of the ward wall. In hospitals, bedside units are essential, and the right tools at your fingertips are the key to providing optimal care.

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The composition of the bedside unit:

1、Nurse Call

Nurse call is one of the most common things in bedside units because it is used in almost all medical settings. By being included in the bedside system, patients can easily access the nurse phone.

2、Medical Gas

Medical gas is also a popular choice, especially in hospital bedside equipment. We can build in cabinets and custom areas to accommodate gas tanks that can be replaced by nursing staff and nurses.

3、Plug Socket

The plug socket can be easily built into the bedside unit, allowing nurses and patients to directly use the power source. You can place them as high or low as you need.

medical bed head unit internal structure

Bed Head Unit Feature

1. Medical gas bed head unit made of high quality aluminum alloy material, surface finish is customized ( powder coating, electrophoresis, anodized )

2. Medical bed head panel is beautiful appearance, wear-resistant, easy to clean.

3. Gas and strong and weak circuits are separated by dual channels, safe and reliable

4. Bed Head Unit can select the power outlet, flash light, call, intercom, gas terminal, etc. It can make the installation holes according to customers'requirement.

5. Bed head unit specification such as the color of panel and side panel is customized.

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