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Choose The Right Clean Room Door

Jan. 30, 2021

Choose The Right Clean Room Door

Choosing the right clean room door can be tricky, but a hospital door manufacturer can help. They think there are some things every customer should consider before choosing a clean room door.

Cleanroom doors are an important part of a clean room because they are responsible for sealing the controlled environment. If they do not work properly, the clean room is at higher risk of contamination.

Here, clean room door manufacturers offer nine key considerations when choosing clean room doors, based on their many years of experience in the clean room construction industry.

cleanroom door

1. A perfectly flat surface

Choose doors that are completely flat on both sides; if no dust enters the edges, they are easy to clean and maintain good hygiene. The best choice is to have a smooth entrance to the door, and flush with the wall of the window to organize the room.

2. Easy to integrate

Note the dependence of clean room doors on the system, many manufacturers only sell doors integrated into their systems, which makes it difficult to change parameters within the facility without affecting the integrity of the clean room door, but it is possible to install system-independent doors in the clean room door any clean room, independent of the manufacturer.

3. Thick door plank

Choose doors that are resistant to bending and impact. A thickness of 60 mm is recommended to provide strength and reliability in most industrial environments. Aluminum is a particularly durable material.

4. High air tightness

What level of air tightness should the door have? The 3.5 m3 / hm2 measured at 200 Pa is reliable and value for money. Some doors can be equipped with dual gasket technology and integrated sink gaskets to further improve air tightness.

5. Cleaning resistant products

Every day, strict cleaning of various fortified substances is carried out to ensure a high level of hygiene. Like any other clean room surface, clean room doors must be able to resist the routine use of any cleaning product and should avoid any reaction between the door and chemicals to ensure that their branded doors are resistant to any cleaning product used in the industry.

6. Safety glasses

Safety is Paramount in a clean room, so every part of the product should be designed with the highest safety requirements. It has shatterproof glass and safety glass, which means that if the window breaks, it will stay in place and there is no risk of it collapsing.

7. Anti-static surface

Anti-static surfaces ensure that the door does not attract dust and microcontaminants. To keep the clean room as clean as possible, all surfaces, including the door of the clean room, should be anti-static.

8. Advanced hardware

Not only does special attention need to be paid to the surface of the door, but smaller components such as locks, door handles and hinges should also be ensured of the best quality to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

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