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​Yizhong booth Guangzhou Expo exploded in popularity, witnessing brand strength

Dec. 31, 2019

On July 8, 2018, the 20th China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) finally arrived as expected under the public's eager expectations!


The China Construction and Decoration Industry's "First Platform for Champion Enterprises"-Guangzhou Construction Expo is still crowded this year. The scene is full of big names and popular.


The exhibition area of this exhibition is 400,000 square meters, and more than 2,000 companies participated in the exhibition. The scale is far more than that of previous years. All businesses compete on the same stage, and each has their own unique tricks.


The exhibition hall of Guangzhou Yizhong Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in 5.1-33, Area A of the Canton Fair Complex. The appearance of the exhibition hall combines fashion and simplicity, yet high-end elegance, stunning at first glance, and still looking, it is heart-wrenching!


There is also a big wave of people


It did n’t take long for the exhibition to open, the crowd of Yi Zhong was already crowded, and the bustling crowd scene was really hot.

Exactly how popular it is, everyone still looks directly at the picture and feels the atmosphere at the scene.


The scene of the exhibition is surging, and the smart lock exhibition area is very lively!


This year's construction expo has become a stage for Yizhong to show its achievements to everyone. The Yizhong team spirit is actively fighting and showing Yizhong's strong team spirit to exhibiting customers. We will join hands with a variety of innovative product solutions, including Including products such as "Swing Door", "Clean Door", "Medical Airtight Door", "Air Ceiling", "Medical Bed Head Unit", "Purification Series" Brand strength.


The Guangzhou Construction Expo has been a major event in the industry for many years. Almost all big names will participate, not only for investment promotion and broadening the market, but also for brand display and brushing their own sense of presence to the industry.


The exhibition is hot, real gold is not afraid of fire, good products are not afraid of inspection!


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