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 Air Ceiling

Air Ceiling

Laminar airflow ceiling

● Laminar air-flow smallpox in the operating room is also called leak-proof laminar flow smallpox, laminar flow purification smallpox, clean air-supply smallpox in the operating room. Laminar air-supply smallpox is a necessary purification device in the operating room of modern hospitals.

● The air-supply ceilings produced by Yizhong are based on the leading leak-proof layer technology at home and abroad, relying on the clean air-supply ceiling devices in the operating room, which can reasonably distribute the airflow in the clean room and effectively ensure the cleanliness of the room.

● This equipment adopts air clean technology to control the degree of microbial pollution to meet the requirements of controlling the air cleanliness in the space environment suitable for various types of surgery; and provides appropriate temperature and humidity to create a clean and comfortable clean space environment. Can be widely used in hospital clean room, clean room and other clean room projects.

● Laminar flow smallpox is the purifying air supply end of clean operating room and laminar flow ward. It has the functions of high-efficiency filtering, equalization and airflow compensation. The rationality of the laminar ceiling structure directly affects the air supply effect and purification level of the operating room.

● Yizhong laminar air supply smallpox is developed with reference to international and domestic standards and technologies. After more than ten years of practical hospital experience, the structure is advanced and reasonable. It is divided into I, II, and III laminar flow purification smallpox and burn ward laminar flow Smallpox, blood ward laminar flow smallpox, ophthalmic operating room laminar flow smallpox, etc.

Yizhong Laminar Ceiling Series Materials and Advantages

First, the box is made of aluminum alloy or color steel plate, which is customized according to the different needs of customers. It is not only good in strength but not easy to deform and is very lightweight. The outer frame can be equipped with integrated island-shaped integrated purification lamp belts to make the entire clean room have uniform illumination and on-site maintenance. Simple and time-saving installation, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good thermal insulation effect, and more beautiful vision.

Second, the box can be decomposed into multiple plates, which is convenient for storage and packing, and reduces the loss of the product during transportation.

3. There is a built-in ring, which is used to connect the plates through a snap-on design, and is used to achieve a sealed connection between the boards, making installation easier and time-saving.

Fourth, each board is filled with PU, which is environmentally friendly and energy saving, so that the box has the functions of waterproof, anti-vibration and heat insulation.

V. Large area of wind output, 97.6% of the area inside the first-level laminar air-supply ceiling, 97.1% of the area inside the second-level laminar wind ceiling, and 96.6% inside the third-level laminar wind ceiling. 10% over peers.

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