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Happy Heal

Happy Heal

The Haibei Clinic is jointly built by Shenzhen Haibei Health Management Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xiangwei Investment Management Co., Ltd. It is a pure American high-end "check-and-treat-management" integrated health checkup, multidisciplinary outpatient treatment, and comprehensive health care. General practice clinic. Positioned as chronic disease diagnosis and treatment + health care, providing personal doctor (family doctor) and health butler services. Promote a new model of health care with screening + prevention + multi-disciplinary intervention, focusing on the perfect combination of multi-disciplinary intervention with light medical care + lifestyle + natural therapy.

The Hybe Clinic revolves around the preventive health medical idea of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, "Improving people's quality of life and prolonging their lives through scientific health management". Adhering to the world's high-end top-level private clinics, such as Mayo Clinic, Cooper Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Culture, advocating a "medical standard" American clinic culture, advocating doctor-patient equality and mutual respect, avoiding over-medical treatment, and maintaining the essence of medical treatment as the foundation of the hospital To provide high-quality health and medical services for high-class people in society.

Xi'an Haibei Clinic is located in SOHO A, the core green area of the CBD in the high-tech zone. The overall use area is more than 3,000 square meters. The first round of investment is 60 million yuan.

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