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Standard Requirements: Choose the Correct Medical Automatic Door to Prevent the Spread Of Infection

Nov. 06, 2020

The sealing requirements of medical automatic doors

(1) The applicable voltage range of the electronic control part should be wide.

(2) The outer surface of the door body is made of stainless steel plate, electrolytic steel plate, color steel plate, etc. Among them, rust steel plate is the best, but the cost is higher. The middle interlayer is made of foaming process or honeycomb structure; for doors with radiation protection requirements, the middle interlayer must have a lead plate of a certain thickness sandwiched in the middle. In addition, the wall joints should be inlaid with sealing strips.

(3) The electronic control part must comply with the relevant national electromagnetic compatibility standards to prevent interference with medical equipment.

(4) The motor reducer should be specially made to minimize the noise to meet the requirements of the clean room for noise.

Hospital Automatic Doors

Hospital Automatic Doors

Special requirements for functions of glass airtight automatic doors

(1) It is necessary to set up non-contact proximity sensors, such as non-touch manual sensors or foot sensors.

(2). It must have the function of closing the door with delay and the function of two inductions.

(3) There must be a backup power connection interface.

(4) There must be a functional interface for starting the air shower equipment.

(5) Enhance the anti-pinch function to improve safety, and the door body must be equipped with the function of preventing the bomb from being killed.

Do you understand? The above are the standard requirements for medical automatic doors. Only when these requirements are met can the normal use of medical automatic doors in the special place of the hospital be guaranteed.

Hospital Automatic Doors

Hospital Automatic Doors

Common troubleshooting methods for hospital automatic doors

1. The medical automatic door keeps opening or closing regardless of whether someone passes by.

A. There may be other moving objects entering the sensing range of the detector, check the medical automatic door to remove other or animal bodies;

B. It is possible that the detection range of the sensor is adjusted too low. When the door is closed, the sensor senses activity and mistakes it for a moving object to pass, and the door is opened again;

C. It may be that the upper beam plate of the fixed induction probe is loose, which causes the probe to shake, so that the door keeps opening and closing.

2. When the medical automatic door is running loudly, such failures are mostly due to the medical automatic door having been used for a long time.

A. The running wheel of the door spreader has been worn for a long time (a basic type of component failure), such as only slight wear (a basic type of component failure), the track and running wheel can be cleaned, and You can add a little lubricating oil to the bearing of the running wheel, but you can't add oil to the track and the plastic running wheel, because it is easy to absorb dust after refueling, which will cause the wheel to be damaged faster. If the parts are seriously damaged, you should contact the doorway for replacement and repair. ;

B. Some metal connectors are loose, and only need to be reinforced;

C. There is friction between the movable door leaf and the fixed door leaf and noise (decibel (dB));

D. Damage to the lower guide system will also cause loud noise;

E. The upper beam is not well done during construction, or it resonates with the ceiling.

3. The door leaf of the medical automatic door responds slowly

A. The detection range of the sensing probe is too small, just adjust the sensing range;

B. There is dust accumulation inside the sensing probe, clean up the dust;

C. The door body is too heavy and exceeds the traction force of the host motor.

4. The door leaf of the medical automatic door does not move, then you should see if you want to charge it.

A. Check whether the door leaf is dragged and opened. If this phenomenon occurs, the door will be very difficult to start, and the main controller will consider that there is an obstacle and perform self-locking protection to stop the door from running;

B. Check whether the hanging wheel of the door leaf has fallen off the track. If this phenomenon occurs, the door leaf will also stop moving.

Clean room door manufacturers remind: Only by doing maintenance work can the failure rate be reduced and the service life of medical automatic doors can be improved.

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