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The Differences Between Medical Automatic Doors and Ordinary Automatic Doors

Sep. 12, 2020

Door products for different purposes have their own special features, which determines that they are different from ordinary doors. For example, medical automatic doors are different from ordinary automatic doors. The following hospital door manufacturers will distinguish between these two types of automatic doors in three aspects: functional use, door body material, and scope of application.

In terms of functional use, ordinary automatic doors can not only realize opening and closing mechanization and automation, but also have airtightness and energy-saving environmental protection functions. On this basis, they also enhance the decoration and beautification functions of the building, making the building look luxurious and luxurious. Atmosphere and high-grade. However, because of the special occasions of its use, medical automatic doors have many configuration requirements higher than those of ordinary automatic doors. For example, when using a motor, it must choose a brushless DC motor with small size, high power, low noise and long life; in order to facilitate and sensitive use and avoid cross-infection of bacteria when the door is touched, it chooses the controller It is best to use foot control or hand control non-contact sensing device; in order to run the door smoothly and control accurately, it needs to be equipped with precision gears for speed control.

Medical Automatic Doors

Medical Automatic Doors

In terms of door body material, ordinary automatic doors have no special strict requirements. They can adopt a variety of frame structures such as stainless steel frames, aluminum alloy frames, copper frames, and some can even be directly made into frameless glass automatic doors. Ordinary automatic doors can be designed according to customer requirements as long as the basic of automatic doors is guaranteed, so as to achieve the aesthetics required by customers. However, medical automatic doors cannot be designed so arbitrarily. Its main use standards are convenience, safety and efficiency. Therefore, its door body material needs to use high-voltage electrostatic sprayed high-quality aluminum alloy panels, the door side material is SUS304 stainless steel, and the door leaf is inlaid with high-quality seals to ensure the best air tightness. In addition, in order to facilitate the observation of indoor working conditions, the door needs to be specially designed with double-glazed observation windows.

In the scope of application, ordinary automatic doors can be used in major shopping malls, government buildings, hotels, schools, commercial office buildings, etc. In contrast, the limitations of hospital automatic doors are obviously limited. Because it is a special design mode, it is mainly in line with the environment of the hospital, but to a large extent it is difficult to satisfy the sense of beauty and luxury, because these two characteristics are of little significance to it.

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