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Airtight Design of Clean Room Doors and Windows

May. 14, 2020

1. Cleanroom door gap treatment In general, clean room doors and windows mostly have three types of structural gaps.

1. One type is the combined splicing and installation gap between Qiao and the clean room door.

2. The second type is the gap between the gap and the opening fan; the third type is the installation gap between the glass or other core plates; the air leakage of the clean room door is usually caused by the above three gaps.Among the three types of structural gaps, the first and third types are fixed gaps, and the second type are movable gaps.

Their properties are different and their proportions on clean room doors and windows are also different. Therefore, the airtight measures adopted for the door and window sealing of the clean room are not exactly the same, which is also an important step in the dust-free evolution project.

(1) the installation gap that the processing of fixed aperture checks is not only in door window of door of every zhang clean room now relative quantity is less, and the combination of frame and frame and aperture is more concealed after classics decorating, it is easier to seal between fixed aperture.

Connects to the mouth of the cave surrounding edges should be strong, is not only a closed clean room doors and Windows, or a general requirement of clean room door main structure, due to the stress of the clean room door big and fierce, especially in the clean room door fixed cheng cheng and should be paid attention to the hole around the fixed point is stable, but for closed clean room doors and Windows, also must emphasize chamber with clean room door or zhou tong to fill in the gaps between the dense, then cover with the metope of indoor and outdoor decoration layer can be the basic guarantee of this kind of crack gas tightness, the second category of fixed aperture namely glass or other core board installation gap.

In an orange clean room door aperture number relative proportion of small, but in a chamber often is the main part of the structure of the main crack, especially for the main, they are exposed to the atmosphere, influenced by the outdoor climate, must be handled carefully, on the one hand, try to minimize the core glass installation gap, on the one hand, carefully choose fortify structure.

(2) processing of movable gap how to lap the opening fan and frame material of the gate of clean room is the key in the design of the gate of clean room.The gap in the lap joint is different from the fixed gap, because the movable fan needs to be opened, the wood can adopt the sealing measure of "once and for all".

Relative Yu Zhou, clean room door open door more, activity gap in a pinch of clean room door occupies a larger proportion in the total number of structural cracks, clean room doors open than zhou is frequent, and clean room doors around the working conditions of aperture is more complex, in a single flat open clean room door as an example, the two sides along the vertical small, hold a hand side is often spoken of friction or collision, side of hinge applying pressure to the chamber by the rotation of the fan direction is completely different from other three sides.

The threshold of clean room should be treated with special structure according to different requirements of transportation and pedestrian.Three of the four sides of a single flat cleanroom door need to be treated differently, and the middle seam of a double clean room door is also a special structure.So in the design of the clean room door for the sealing of the movable gap is a more prominent problem.The slot size and slot form of the overlap between the opening fan and the frame material is an important problem to be paid attention to in the design of small movable gap seal.

Aluminum Profile For Cleanroom

Aluminum Profile For Cleanroom

Aluminum profile for cleanroom, hardware, airtight strip and its action mode should be considered comprehensively, so that they can coordinate with each other in the state of structure death and force, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing.In particular, it should be pointed out that the clean room door is larger and heavier than the window, and the force applied when the seal is pressed is much greater. In particular, the door is constantly opened and closed. Therefore, the hardware selection should be considered in terms of controlling the droop of the clean room door and ensuring the stiffness of the clean room door.

Clean room door is the most widely used type of clean room door in the clean plant. It is usually used for passage or transportation. It is also very convenient for emergency evacuation in case of fire.

Generally, the elastic material of formed section is used as sealing strip to fix and seal at the joint.In common use, the width of the opening of the cleanroom door is below 1800mm for the inner cleanroom door and below 2100mm for the outer cleanroom door.The height of the hole is generally within 2400mm.

The setting of airtight strip.Often in the clean room doors opening and closing under the condition of traffic, except some clean room door to avoid heavy equipment transport collision with the potential for clean room gate house face all the airtight article set on the clean room doors, or some clean room door due to transportation workshop do not allow the threshold set in the ground clean room only in the clean room close to the ground at the bottom of the door leaf hanging sweeping article airtight installation, in general, in order to make the article airtight, foot or car touch to avoid fingerprint, less affected by the pedestrian and transport, the width gauge a few millimeters more small cross section shape of elastic article airtight installation in clean room door carry hidden groove part,Press down again by closing the door of the clean room.

The strips should be laid continuously along the perimeter of the movable gap so as to form a sealed loop after the clean room door is closed.When the seal is placed in the cleanroom door and the cleanroom door, it is important to note that the potter has a good connection and to minimize the small gap between the seal and the cleanroom door.

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